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Yield. Safety. Liquidity.

The Federally Insured Cash Account (FICA®) is an insured high- yield cash account offered by Cove Capital Liquid Income, LLC. From start to finish, you can enjoy an experience that delivers uncommon FDIC insured safety 4 and one that can bring forth the true potential of the money you have earned and saved.
Welcome to a better home for your cash.

What you get when opening a FICA Account through Cove Capital Liquid Income (CCLI):


4.47% APY1

(APY applies to first $1 million in deposits)1

No Account Fees or Transaction Limits, $100,000 Minimum Initial Deposit*

  • Much higher rate than many bank savings accounts 2
  • What are you earning at your bank?
  • Liquidity - Your funds are fully liquid and available within one business day. Unlike CDs, you will not face a breakage fee when accessing your capital.


25 Million

In FDIC Insurance per Tax ID 4
  • 100x the FDIC insurance limit than your bank.
  • Do you have uninsured balances anywhere?
  • Selling a business, home, or getting an inheritance? Enjoy the peace of mind of having up to $25,000,000 of your funds FDIC insured. 4


1 Account
900+ Banks

One account gets you access to 900+ banks in the U.S. where your deposits immediately are allocated in increments of up to $250,000 per bank providing for you an unheard of level of FDIC insurance up to $25,000,000 per Tax ID. 4

Get Started

Take less than 5 minutes to complete the application where you can link your FICA account to any number of bank, brokerage, or advisory accounts. It is a very simple process for you to begin receiving a level of interest and FDIC insurance that is potentially night and day different than what you are currently receiving from your bank.4


Receive a confirmation and put your money safely to work for you.

What to Expect

  • Simple online access to account information 24/7 with unlimited transaction capability

  • Receive only one Form 1099 to keep tax reporting simple
  • You remain anonymous to the program custodian and all the banks in the network, so you won’t be solicited



About Cove Capital
Liquid Income

Cove Capital Liquid Income, LLC (CCLI) is an affiliate of Cove Capital Investments, LLC (Cove). Cove is a real estate sponsor company with a portfolio of over 1.9 million square feet of real estate under management throughout the United States. Cove created CCLI out of a necessity to have corporate cash balances earning a competitive interest rate as well as receiving adequate FDIC insurance. 4

About Stonecastle:
The Program Administrator

StoneCastle Network, LLC (“StoneCastle”) is the Program Administrator of the FICA Program. StoneCastle’s affiliate, StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC, has many years of cash experience with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Fortune 500 companies, college and universities, endowments and foundations, family offices and public funds.